About us

Innovarius NICE Therapeutics™ generate deep penetrating resonant waveforms and warms from within the tissues. This is in contrast to the superficial heating of the skin from an outwardly applied heat source as associated with over-the-counter heat wraps, ointments, heating pads, or laser devices.

Our  patent-pending technology provides deep electromagnetic heating from within the tissues allowing us to heat large body areas as opposed to other modalities.

Innovarius NICE Therapeutics™ overcomes pain, increases mobility, flexibility and accelerates healing.


Dr. Albert J. Nuñez
Chief Research Scientist and Co-Founder

From a very young age, a love of biology and medicine was his passion and later became his purpose. He proudly inherited the work ethic, compassion and respect of alternative medical therapies from his parents and elders. Dr Nunez first studied Human Medicine and then furthered his curiosity and thirst for knowledge by then enrolling in Veterinary School where he went on to graduate with honors in 1991 from ROSS University. Dr. Nunez practiced large and small animal clinical medicine with emphasis on dairy and beef herd health as well as Equine and Exotic patients large and small.

Dr. Nunez continued his veterinary education  and became certified in Veterinary Acupuncture holding an additional degree from the Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine.

His experience of human medicine helped him advance the standard level of care of his veterinary patients. In his pursuit to advance the Veterinary standard level of care, Dr. Nuñez studied applied physics and alternative medical therapies allowing him to develop an integrated multimodal team-oriented approach for the caring of his patients using many electroceutical and optical technologies.

Dr. Nuñez owns and operates two state of the art Integrated Animal Research Hospitals that incorporate Innovarius NICE Therapeutics™ into the core of its practice. He is a pioneer in the development of multiple radio frequency electroceutical devices and is a developer of SanaWave and Innovarius NICE Therapeutics™ Internationally. He has developed multiple protocols for the use of the technology in oncology, palliative care, neurology, infectious disease, endocrinology, immunology, traumatology, non-invasive stem cell activation, internal medicine, rehabilitative medicine, nanotechnology and sports medicine in multiple species.

Dr. Nuñez's mission and that of INNOVARIUS is to Relieve pain and suffering while elevating the standard level of care across as many disciplines in Medicine and in as many species as possible .

Dr. Nuñez balances his love of medicine with his love for his wife and children.

He is Chief Research Scientist and Co-Founder of INNOVARIUS.


Dr Eric R. Miller

At the forefront of the MedTech revolution, Dr Eric R Miller is an experienced CEO and Global Head with a demonstrated history of success in the UK, US and Australian healthcare and finance markets. Dr Miller has successfully negotiated favourable commercial deals with C-Level counterparts at 47 of the current Fortune/FTSE/ASX top 100 companies. Dr Miller is a strong business development professional who is skilled in Strategic Growth, Product Development, Spend Analysis, Clinical Research, Global Sourcing, Commercial Management and MedTech IT systems. Dr Miller is also a co-inventor of 9 MedTech patents (pending) with the UKIPO and USPTO.

Dr Miller is a registered Australian MD, a successful MedTech doctorpreneur with experience in leading growth in virtual health start-ups and has earned a Masters in Health Policy and Health Economics from the London School of Economics.

He is Chief Executive Officer and Innovarius Co-Founder of INNOVARIUS.