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The Non Invasive IVDD Solution for many challenging cases.

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NICE therapeutics™ Non-Invasive Cellular Electroceutical Therapeutics are revolutionary biomedical technologies that improve and expand many aspects of clinical veterinary medicine. NICE Therapeutics™ have been designed to "relieve pain and suffering and elevate the standard level of care in Spinal chord Injuries and Inter Vertebral Disk Disease". The SanaWave Device has been designed with the spine and brain in mind.

Rapid clinical responses in multiple domains are possible by the simple and effective application of Innovarius NICE therapeutics™. This results in vasodilation of arterioles, veins and lymphatic vessels, providing significant blood flow into and out of the heated region that provides a net washing effect of cellular mediators of inflammation under the applicator pad thus delivering increased blood flow, oxygen, plasma rich proteins and reducing edema.

The net effect of this nanotechnology is to flush the area being treated with plasma fluids at a sub cellular level.  Think of it as an electronic anti-inflammatory without the unwanted side effects.

Veterinarians find that once they implement the technology as a stand-alone or combined therapy in practice that they cannot work without it.

Innovarius NICE Therapeutics™ keep your friends active.

Veterinarians say it is Clinically Addictive!

The following videos demonstrate rapid clinical responses for a variety of injuries.

The use of modulated radio frequency hyperthermic fields to bring down inflammation around neurological injuries is a novel non-invasive approach. Dramatically increased blood flow into and out of the areas of injury washes out cellular mediators of inflammation, stimulates Hsp70 production and accelerates the return to normal function non invasively in many cases. Please note the accelerated clinical timelines in the following videos.

University of Central Florida Oncology Statistics for Sanawave in the Field.

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Paralyzed Dachshund Bingo Walks and Runs! Innovarius NICE Therapeutics™

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Integrative Immunology in Oncology Innovarius NICE Therapeutics™

AntiMicrobial Resistance MRSA Innovarius NICE Therapeutics™

Equine Athletes

Innovarius Nice Therapeutics™

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Building a Nice Practice!

Innovarius NICE Therapeutics™

The Opiate Crisis

Innovarius NICE Therapeutics™


Amber IVDD Innovarius NICE Therapeutics™

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Shadow Lives! Innovarius NICE Therapeutics™

Chico's Comeback Innovarius NICE Therapeutics™

Wobblers Syndrome and IVDD in old dogs Innovarius NICE Therapeutics™

Innovarius Equine


Innovarius NICE Therapeutics™ are revolutionizing equine medicine via PTP® protocols. This unique healing technology allows for bespoke care of equine athletes during the entire athletic event cycle.

Why is PTP® via Innovarius NICE Therapeutics™ unique? Here a just a few of the ways:

  • 35% reduction in lactic acid production during exertion

  • 15% lower heart rate for the same effort prior to PTP®

  • Up to a 50% reduction in recovery time, dependent upon individual and individual's metabolism

  • diagnostic precision of the severity of inflammation

Innovarius provides equine athletes with healing support and protection throughout the entire athletic event cycle. The PTP® cycle consists of three main components:

  • Pre-Event Therapeutics

  • Trauma Rehabilitation Protocols

  • Post-Event Recovery Protocols

For each component of the equine athletic event cycle, it is imperative to follow the Innovarius PTP® protocols in order to prevent skeletal muscle injury and decrease recovery time.