Join our team of SanaWave vets

Vet with dog

We offer a two-year research license for the NICE Therapeutics SanaWave complete with the support you need to learn how to apply this new technology to a broad range of conditions.

Our vets love the SanaWave because it helps them:

  • Bring new hope to even the toughest cases
  • Offer a treatment that is gentler on pets (and easier on pet owners)
  • Offer a more cost-effective vs. surgery and conventional cancer therapies
  • Help extend life and quality of life in their patients
  • Create word of mouth about their clinic's innovative and pet-friendly approaches
  • Add or expand their capabilities in oncology, neurology, and rehabilitation
  • Keep a lot more cases in-house instead of referring out
  • Increase revenues from new and retained cases
  • Give them an opportunity to contribute to learnings in this exciting new modality of non-invasive healing

Our two-year license includes membership to our private vets Facebook group, a monthly vet case and questions call, a maintenance plan, and protocol support along the way.

To learn more about our technology and research license, email at